4 Tips for a Bug Free Summer BBQ

Atlanta Pest Control Family Barbecue in Backyard | Stinger Pest SolutionsThe long, warm days of summer are ideal for spending time outside. Every year, people fire up the grill to enjoy a backyard barbecue. Unfortunately, you may be hosting more than friends, family, and neighbors.

Serving food outdoors is a guaranteed way to draw unwanted pests to the smell. In addition to being a nuisance, they can pose serious health risks for you and your guests.

Use the following four tips to keep your cookout fun and bug-free. If these measures don’t work, you may need to call a local Atlanta pest control company to get to the bottom of the issue.

Prep the Area

Before you invite people over, take the time to ensure your yard is relatively pest-free. Cut the grass, trim any hedges, pull the weeds, and scale back overgrown shrubbery. Bugs hide out in overgrown foliage, so landscaping is key.

Do you have a pond, pool, bird bath, or any other stagnant water source in your yard? It’s a breeding ground for mosquitos. If it’s not being aerated, make sure to drain it before your guests arrive.

Protect the Food

Setting up the grill in a sunny location will discourage bugs from hanging around while you cook. You can use an artificial covering for shade but never set up your cooking equipment by tall grass or a tree. It’s a fire hazard and a prime location for insects.

A great way to keep bugs out of the food is by serving it indoors. Your guests can take their plate outside to eat, but the serving plates will be protected from unwanted pests. Keep trash cans inside on the yard’s perimeter.

Keep It Clean

Bugs are attracted to any kind of crumb or leftover they can find. If you keep food and beverages outside, they should be wrapped or in sealed containers. Throw away any trash immediately, and clean up spills and crumbs promptly before unwanted pests discover them.

Set Up a Good Defense

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the presence of pests at your barbeque, but a good defense helps. Candles or torches scented with citronella, mint, or cinnamon repel insects. Oscillating fans on your deck will provide a gentle breeze to keep flying pests away.

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