5 Ways Pests Are Destroying your Home

Atlanta Pest Control Unfinished Basement | STINGER Pest SolutionsYour home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. There are many ways to increase your house’s value over time, but there are also many issues that can reduce its worth. One of the problems that can arise is a pest infestation.  

An excellent way to prevent these invaders from damaging the value of your property is by taking note of the different areas they are infiltrating. Being aware of problem areas will lead to earlier detection and a more rapid removal by an Atlanta pest control company. Here are some different ways pests are breaching your defenses to destroy your home. 

Foundational Issues 

One of the primary and most destructive ways vermin can find their way into your home is a damaged foundation. Often during repairs, remodels, or simple wear-and-tear, your foundation can develop cracks and holes.  

These crevices leave your defenses weak, leading to basements and walls full of unwelcomed guests. Ensure that any gaps are quickly sealed to prevent termites and other wood-seeking pests from getting inside. 

Chimney Descension 

Fireplaces and wood stoves have become very lucrative amenities to have installed in your home. However, both require exits for the smoke to escape through your roof.  

Stove pipes and chimneys are frequent invasion points for many critters. The smoke keeps them at bay when active, but during down times the openings provide easy access to your house. A chimney cap will keep pests out while letting smoke escape. 

Pests on Deck 

When properly treated and finished, decks are low-risk for infestation. The problem arises due to lack of maintenance. Over time, finishes and treatments wear out, leaving raw wood exposed.  

Natural deck wood is one of the most attractive targets for wood-destroying insects like termites and wasps. Lumber should be pre-treated to deter unwanted pests, and periodically refinished to protect your investment. 

Natural Bridges 

Perhaps the sneakiest ways pests can permeate your defenses is through natural bridges. Any branches close to your home can act as a secure pathway to your roof or windowsills.  

Roofing generally lasts for decades, but you can find yourself replacing it more often if bugs are destroying it from within. Trim back overgrowth to keep pests out. 

Loose Vents 

A dryer vent is an access point that has many weaknesses. Bugs and animals can enter through damaged exhaust vents and end up in your laundry room.  

Even if your vent has a damper and is well maintained, the seal around the vent can develop cracks that serve as an alternate access point for smaller critters. 

Choose STINGER Pest Solutions 

You don’t have to be a victim of pest invasion destroying the value of your home. Familiarize yourself with risky entrance points around your home and take preventative measures to reduce the risk of infestation. If you already have a problem, call STINGER Pest Solutions to address the problem as soon as possible. 

At STINGER Pest Solutions, we understand what makes a great pest control company. That’s how we’ve earned our numerous accolades, including QualityPro, the mark of distinction from the Foundation for Professional Pest Management. Give us the chance to show you pest control done right with the customer in mind. Contact STINGER Pest Solutions or call today at 770-645-7595 for more information on all of our pest control solutions for your home or business