6 Tips for Pest Control This Winter

Atlanta Pest Control Woodpile | STINGER Pest SolutionsNo matter the time of year, insects and rodents are always uninvited guests in your home. In the winter more than any other season, they seek the warmth and food that your house provides. 

There is no surefire way to prevent pests from making themselves at home. However, before you call Atlanta pest control, take these preventative measures to better control them this winter.   

Understand How to Use Pesticides  

Pesticide is the strongest method to preventing an infestation. However, incorrect use of pesticides can lead to a situation worse than the one you’re trying to prevent.  

One common mistake homeowners make is using outdoor pesticides inside the home. Contacting a pesticide professional or even simply looking on the internet can help prevent a disaster or unsafe situation in your home. 

Correct Disposal 

Do not improperly dispose of leftover pesticides or containers that once held pesticides. This can be a great hazard to your loved ones in your home. Improper disposal of pesticides includes pouring pesticides down the sink, toilet, sewer, or street drain.  

Also, do not transfer pesticides to other containers. Many drinking water and wastewater treatment systems are not equipped to remove pesticides from the water. Also, if pesticides go through waterways, they can harm fish, plants, and other living organisms.  

Keep Gutters Clean 

Clean gutters not only make for a well-kempt home, but they can also prevent insects from invading. A gutter’s dark and moist environment makes it the perfect place for pests to reside.  Gutters can be cleaned by pressure washers, or if you’re not comfortable working on a ladder,  call a professional.  

Cover Your Food and Trash 

Pests always search for nutrients, especially during the winter time. Therefore, make sure to seal every container and garbage can tightly. Easily accessible food, whether it’s on countertops or in your trash, invites pests to come out from hiding wherever they may be in your home. 

Don’t Store Wood 

Insects and small animals are attracted to wood. Therefore, homeowners should store their wood as far from the house as possible. Keeping your woodpiles in warm garages or attics are sure to bring ants, termites, and other uninvited pests.  

A good place to store wood is elevated above the ground surrounding your home. If you choose to store wood indoors, keep it in a shed or in a trunk that’s tightly sealed.  

Cover Chimneys 

Since chimneys are not used year-round, homeowners should inspect them at least once a year to make sure there are no hiding pests. Raccoons and squirrels are particularly fond of these dark spaces. Consider purchasing a cover to prevent rodents from making it your home.  

Choose STINGER Pest Solutions  

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