Ant Control in Atlanta

No other creature is quite like an ant.

Ants are social. They like swarming together in colonies. So with ants, you are not getting a single problem. Instead, you are getting a wide distribution network of extremely focused workers who will bore into your home and eat every good thing they find.

Ant Control in Atlanta | STINGER Pest SolutionsThey will nest inside of the walls, inside of rafters in the ceiling. They may go underground, inside doors and plastics to find the soft, moist parts of material in which to nest, lay eggs and propagate.

You know that you have ants if you see not just a small selection of them, but a stream of ants that are coming out of cracks in a wall or other locations with holes, into an internal area that’s out of reach.

You especially know there’s a problem if you see ants with wings flying out from the holes inside your house. That’s an infestation. There is more than likely an ant colony somewhere inside the walls of your home, made possible by the perfect storm of conditions – hungry ants on the prowl, and a safe and ripe environment for colonization.

More than any other type of pest control, putting an end to an ant infestation requires strategy. Killing the ants you do see is not going to solve your problem, because a much bigger problem is lurking beneath the walls out of sight.

Your Home Attracts Ants

Most of the time ants live outside, underground. But sometimes they will establish themselves inside your home. But why do some homes get infested with ants? If you have easily breachable areas of your home that are near steady food sources, you have the makings of an ant palace.

Do You Have an Ant Infestation?

Did you know there are many species of ants? Argentine ants, Crazy ants, Fire ants, Ghost ants and Carpenter ants. With so many varieties, it’s important to understand the type of ant that you have. It may affect how to control them and ensure they don’t return.

So the first thing you need to do to stop your ant issue, is to get an inspection from an ant control expert, who can identify the species of ant you’re dealing with, and discern where the colony is located on your property.

Carpenter ants are wood diggers. They chew into the wood of your home to create their nests. You’ll know they’re present because you may find wood shavings of different sizes strewn about the entrance to their enclave. You may also find the husks of dead insects.

Because carpenter ants do indeed chew through your home’s wood, it’s important to put them in check. Their progression is not as destructive as termites, which eat wood, because carpenter ants merely bore holes in which to live and travel. But they don’t eat what they dig.

However, left to their own game, carpenter ants can be quite destructive, creating subterranean tunnels through the wood and paneling of your home typically in areas that are already rotting and prone to breakage.

The way to get rid of carpenter ants is to spray the perimeter of your yard, or use bait that the ants will ingest and also track back into their colony. If the insecticide is too fast acting, it will leave only the outliers dead, while the main nest stays put. Consider that the queen of the ant colony can live for years, while the worker ants have a life cycle of just around 10 weeks.

Professional Ant Control in Atlanta

Often the homemade solutions are not enough to eradicate an ant infestation. You may find this to be the case if, after you’ve treated an area, the ants return and the problem continues. The reason is because you haven’t reached down into the colony itself to destroy it from the inside.

Ants can only be gotten rid of if you are able to apply the insecticide into the nest itself. If it’s too out of the way, the only recourse may be a professional treatment. In addition, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that the colony is completely eliminated, if you bring in a professional ant control expert.

If you’re dealing with an ant infestation in your home, you can trust STINGER Pest Solutions for all of your ant control needs.

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