Benefits of Natural Pest Control Solutions

Benefits of Natural Pest Control | STINGER Pest SolutionsYour kids love playing in the yard. Sometimes they fall in the grass while playing football or land in the bushes trying to catch a fly baseball. If you have toddlers, you know they like to crawl around your home putting everything in sight in their mouths. Similarly, your pets roam your household, exploring their curiosities.

With all of your family members in mind, you may be wondering about the benefits of natural pest control solutions. Read on to learn how these organic remedies can help keep your loved ones be safe while ridding your home of pesky pests.

Earth Friendly and Easy to Use

Natural solutions are great options when it comes to controlling pests. For one, these solutions are designed to protect the environment. In addition, they can target harmful pests while leaving harmless, helpful insects in your garden and around your home. Ingredients for natural pest control solutions can often be found at your local grocery store. For small infestations, try these natural remedies.

Natural Remedies for Different Pests


For ants try spraying them with soapy water. If this doesn’t solve the problem, peel a cucumber and leave the peels in their path. Ants don’t like the bitterness so this often deters them. Another trick is to leave mint tea bags in their wake for the same effect.


Roaches are averse to bitterness as well. This time, add some catnip and garlic to your cucumber peels for a custom roach deterrent at their place of entry. Their entry point will stand out because of the droppings they leave behind.


Fleas are no match for lemons. Cutting a lemon in half, scoring the rind, and pouring boiling water over it, can deter fleas. Also, adding a little garlic to your dog’s food and a bit of apple cider to your cat’s can make the meals less desirable to fleas.


Natural mosquito control in Atlanta can be very effective. To keep the mosquitoes from ruining your backyard parties, consider burning sage or rosemary to repel them. For an effective and beautiful solution, plant marigolds around your home. While adding some floral décor to your yard, these plants will provide a line of defense against mosquitoes.

Natural Pest Control from the Professionals

As great as these natural remedies are, they do require diligence and often several applications to rid your home of pests. For larger infestations and a much quicker solution to your problem, professional pest control is recommended.

Because of the movement towards becoming more “green,” many pest control companies have opted for insect protection built from natural elements. At STINGER Pest Solutions, we’re proud to offer our natural pest control solution, STINGER EcoGreen, which is derived from natural plant oils. Our solution incorporates nonchemical methods and organic products to correct a variety of indoor and outdoor pest issues in addition to preventing further infestations.

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