Carpenter Ant Damage 101 

Nothing else is quite like the carpenter ant. Carpenter Ants | STINGER Pest Control

It’s small, powerful and hauls around a set of jaws that rip through wood. In nature, they’re a species that creates compost and the raw material for increased forest floor growth. But when they get into your home – the only thing that grows will be their hidden lair and the holes in your carpentry.

That’s why you need professional ant control in Atlanta.

The destructive nature of carpenter ants is stacked against you. Once they find out that you have rotten wood at home, they’ll dig inside of it and create tunnels in which to live, mate, create larvae and increase their colony. They often remain hidden, sometimes for years, in which case they wreak damage in the areas they infest.

Carpenter ants do not eat wood, they instead break it apart and create piles of sawdust wherever they chew. These wood dust piles are one of the telltale signs of a carpenter ant invasion. They can be discerned from termites because the latter eat the cellulose inside of wood and leave behind a dirty stream of wreckage and feces.

How to Avoid Carpenter Ant Damage

Because these ants look for moist areas to nest that are easier to bite through, they settle in the dark areas that may be rotten from water damage or moisture. Removing the sources of moisture from inside of walls or around a house is one way to help prevent them from invading. This can include fixing any leaks in your plumbing and checking the moist areas around a dishwasher, sink or a water heater.

Wood alone is not the only habitat that carpenter ants will find. They can also infest foam insulation. Always close off open entrances to foam insulation when found.

Just because you find carpenter ants inside your house, it doesn’t mean they are living there. Remember that carpenter ants don’t eat wood. Instead, they feed on vegetation and other insects. Often they live outside but are entering a home to forage. Keep unnecessary vegetation to a minimum.

If ants are in the home, you’ll likely see them flying around, or see ants in the kitchen and bathrooms – the areas where there is food and water. However, finding one nest doesn’t mean you’ve found them all.

That is because carpenter ants build a primary nest with their queen, and then create satellite nests in different locations. The main colony with the queen could be outside of your home while the satellite colonies could be much nearer. Finding and destroying these indoor nests are a great start to stopping the problem but the eradication of the primary nest is needed too.

For the most thorough job, it is recommended to call your local pest control company.

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