Could You Be Bankrupted by Bugs?

shutterstock_299255003For many homeowners, bugs are an occasional nuisance that bump and scuttle in the night. While an occasional pest sighting can be fixed with routine pest control, what happens when your home’s pest population grows and multiplies to infestation levels? Infestations are more common and can happen easier than you think, especially if you don’t have an Atlanta pest control company protecting your home.

Dealing with an infestation, whether it’s bugs, rodents, birds, or other wildlife can get expensive quickly. To make matters more complicated, infestations aren’t a covered disaster under your homeowners’ insurance, leaving you solely responsible for footing the bill. If you’re not proactive about maintaining a pest-free home, you could find yourself facing sky-high costs to eliminate the infestation, clean up the damage, and repair your home. The following are examples of unwanted pest invasions and the damage they can do to your home.


Cockroaches are common household pests because they’re attracted to warm, moist environments. They’re most active at night, and seeing them during the day could indicate a large infestation. While they don’t cause structural damage to your home, they contaminate food and cause allergic reactions, especially in children. The cost to get rid of them will depend on the size of your home and the severity of the infestation.


Termites are responsible for more than $5 billion in property damage annually. They can live in your home undetected for years, causing hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. Insurers will point to a lack of preventative maintenance when reviewing an extermination claim because the time pests had to grow undetected contributed to the rising expense.

Bed Bugs

You can get bed bugs from almost anywhere, such as offices, hotels, gyms, and even in your luggage after a trip. They multiply quickly, leading to a large infestation if they’re not dealt with properly. Since one out of every five Americans has either had bed bugs or knows someone who did, a bed bug infestation could be closer than you think. You could end up spending thousands of dollars on treatments, not to mention the cost of having to replace mattresses and furniture that were infiltrated by bugs.


Rats and mice invade around 21 million homes every year, carrying diseases and damaging property. Rodents chewing on wires are blamed with causing 25% of house fires. While that should be covered under your homeowners’ insurance, if the insurer finds that you didn’t take proper steps to avoid or eliminate a rodent infestation, your claim may not be covered.



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