Dealing with Stink Bugs

Atlanta is home to many wonderful residents, but stink bugs are not among them. Known by their distinct pointed rear end and brown, these insects have earned their name through the unpleasant stench they emit when startled or squished.Stink Bugs | Stinger Pest Solutions

These pests begin to invade homes en masse starting in late summer as they seek shelter from the impending cold, filling your house with smelly landmines to be avoided at all costs. This makes bug control a high priority during the fall months.

While you can spend your winter days swatting these pests as they dive bomb your head or avoiding sunbeams that are filled with the snoozing insects, there are other ways to get your stink bugs problems under control.

Capture and Release

If you are against killing even the smelliest of bugs, you will need to be innovative in your trapping methods. The classic approach of placing a cup over the insect and sliding a piece of paper underneath to trap it will work, but you will need to be careful not to startle the bug in fear of it releasing its stench.

If you are brave enough to touch the pests, stink bugs are notoriously slow and can be coaxed into your hand so that you can free it safely outdoors. You can also lure the bugs outside with a piece of citrus fruit, as they are known to love oranges. Of course, this should be done with caution, as this can attract other pests to your door.

The Death Penalty

Should you be brave enough to take on slay these revolting beasts, it can be puzzling as to how you can smush them without releasing the toxic odor. You should never spray pesticides in your home, as they are rarely designed to take out this blight.

So without a can of spray to aid you, you’ll need to tap into those creative juices. Try shooing the pests into a watery grave and flushing them to oblivion or imprisoning them in an empty water bottle and placing the plastic jail outside in the colder weather to freeze.

You can also use your vacuum to suck up the bugs, but we advise using a hoover with a removable bag. Otherwise, your appliance will smell of your enemies.

Call in the Cavalry

If the infestation becomes too much for you, there is relief in the form of a quality pest control company. These experts can not only remove the scourge from your home, they can recommend how to prevent the plague from returning the next year through a few simple home modifications, such as sealing around doors and windows.

Stink bugs are a regular part of living in the South, but they don’t have to be your holiday guests. Remove these pests and enjoy a winter that smells of peppermint and pine, not rotten eggs.

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