Debunking the Winter Myth About Bugs

Stinkbugs in the Winter | STINGER Pest SolutionsDo bugs go away or die off during the winter? Many people think they do, and therefore cancel their pest control over the winter months. While this conclusion seems logical, it actually couldn’t be further from the truth! Any Atlanta pest control company will tell you that winter doesn’t mean a reprieve from bugs. Read on to find out what really happens to bugs in the winter, and why you should be concerned about it.

Outside Versus Inside

Insects die off or hibernate in the outdoors. The ones that don’t die usually retreat down below the frost line in the soil. The problem is that a warm house allows pests that would normally hibernate or die off to flourish year-round. Take following bugs and how they react to winter in relation your house as a clue to the importance of winter pest control.

24/7 Termite Trouble

Termites winter below ground when it’s cold, but if it’s warm, the party goes on 24/7. Although the cold can cause termites to leave your house temporarily, they will launch another attack in the spring. Termites don’t sleep, eating around the clock instead. Your house is a refuge and food source. It is best to treat for termites in the winter so that when they try to return, the treatment will be an effective barrier. Otherwise, you risk the structure of your home being slowly eaten away by termites.

Roaches Searching for Warmth

Roaches look for warm places to spend the winter so that they don’t die. Your attic is easily accessible for their winter home. They will move down into living areas, looking for food. Instead of forgoing treatment, winter is a good time to hire a pest control company to treat the perimeter and attic of your home, ensuring roaches stay out.

Ants on the March

While fire ants all but disappear in colder temperatures, there are plenty of other species of ants left to thrive and invade during the winter months. If there are ants already living in your walls, the warmth your home provides keeps them active. In addition, ants in your gutters can come indoors in search of warmer temperatures, undeterred by perimeter house treatments.

Lady Bugs and Stink Bugs

These insects are known to seek refuge inside your house over winter. Even though they don’t feed or reproduce during this time, they can be a very big nuisance. Both lady bugs and stink bugs will let off an unpleasant odor when bothered, so removing them can be tricky and is best left to the experts.

Have a Bug-Free Winter

It’s likely that bugs won’t leave your house or business alone this winter. Give STINGER Pest Solutions Inc. the job of taking care of bugs before they find their way indoors. The bugs won’t stop over the winter, but neither will we until these pests are gone.

Choose STINGER Pest Solutions 

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