The Disturbing Link Between Mice and Ticks

Atlanta Pest Control Mouse in Yard | STINGER Pest SolutionsMice are unwelcome visitors in any home, prompting people to call Atlanta pest control at the first sight of droppings or the sound of them scurrying through the walls. What you may not know, however, is that these vermin share a disturbing link with ticks.  

If you think ticks are the only pests that carry Lyme disease, think again! Over half of all white-footed mice carry the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. When deer ticks hitch a ride on these mice and drink their blood, the disease transfers to them. At this point, the infected ticks can spread Lyme disease to humans.  
Here’s what you need to know about the relationship between mice and ticks, and what you need to do to keep your family safe.  

A Dangerous Relationship 

Unseasonably warm temperatures are increasing the spread of pests and vermin throughout the country. In turn, the risk of contracting serious, potentially deadly diseases is also on the rise.  

A single mouse can be host to dozens of tiny tick nymphs. If it squeezes through the cracks in your home’s walls or garage, the ticks come, too. Once they’ve found blood meals on the mouse, their next step could be your pets or members of your family. 

More Mice, More Problems  

The population and range of these Lyme disease carrying mice is on the rise. What used to be a seasonal problem is now a year-round threat.  

Rising temperatures are just one factor causing increased rodent pressure. The spread of West Nile virus impacted many bird of prey species, driving down their numbers. This, in turn, grows the mouse population. 

Increasing rodent numbers isn’t just bad for the spread of disease. It’s also spiking the number of venomous snakes, who feed on the mice.  

Do you have acorn trees near your home? If so, watch out, because they’re a favorite meal for the white-footed mouse. A bumper crop of acorns back in 2015 has resulted in surging numbers of mice, which means more blood meals for hungry tick nymphs.  

An Increasing Threat 

Don’t assume you’re safe just because you don’t live in a rural area. Even city parks can harbor mice who seek refuge in shady trees, bushes, and grassy knolls.  

From the city to the countryside, everyone is at risk for contracting Lyme disease. In addition to mice and ticks, rising global temperatures could introduce invasive species that could also spread disease.  

Prevention requires a two-fold approach to control and contain mouse and tick populations. Proper pest control will keep mice out of your home and pests out of your yard.  

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