Georgia’s Natural Mosquito Predators 

Mosquito Control | STINGER Pest ControlWith so many mosquitoes in the Atlanta area attacking whenever you walk outside, it’s easy to wonder in disgust if there is anything that considers mosquitoes a delicious dinner. The answer to that question is yes, and some of those predators may surprise you. Read on to find out which animals and insects you can thank for taking out some of these nasty pests. We’ll explore if predators alone are enough for mosquito control in Atlanta.

Airborne Predators

Bats and birds start out this mosquito conquering lineup. Bats in particular are touted as eating a lot of mosquitoes, but their radar makes larger bugs easier targets. Bats and birds both only eat mosquitoes as 1 percent of their diet. Not quite the mosquito demolition squad and more of a sometimes consumer.

Next up, we have dragonflies. These have even earned the title of “mosquito hawk.”

Although they do eat some mosquitoes, the point where they most aggressively eat is in their aquatic larval stage, where they eat mosquito larva.

Swimming Predators

Speaking of mosquito larva control, let’s take to the water and fish around for some mosquito killers. Goldfish, guppies, bass, bluegill and catfish join the roster of mosquito larva predators.

Large tadpoles do sometimes eat mosquitoes, but the reality is that they are mostly herbivores. Turtles also eat mosquito larvae. The red-eared slider eats the most of any turtle.

Land Based Predators

Spiders catch mosquitoes as well. You guessed it – mosquitoes get caught in their webs as mosquitoes fly around. Maybe you should let the spider webs on your porch stick around for a bit and let them thin out some of the mosquito population. Frogs also include mosquitoes in their diets.

Yet Mosquitoes Survive to Bite You

Even though all the animals and insects listed above do eat mosquitoes, there is a big problem. Most all of them only eat mosquitoes as a small portion of their diet. With a part-time mosquito feeding schedule, none of these species consistently makes a dent in the mosquito population. Frustrating, yes, but you do have two other options: you can either spray yourself with lots of repellant or you can hire a pest control company to annihilate the mosquitoes from your yard. Given the questionable health risks of spraying yourself with repellant, let’s go for the second option of pest control.

Who Should You Choose?

Choosing a great pest control company can be difficult, but that’s where Stinger Pest Control Solutions makes it easy for you. Our treatments will remain effective for 21-30 days. That’s plenty of time to host several outdoor parties unencumbered by the threat of mosquitoes. Our products are safe, and work by treating surfaces where mosquitoes would rest and water where larva could grow. We would like to talk to you. Your freedom from mosquitoes is just a call away! Contact us at 770-645-7595.