Get Rid of Earwigs

If you’ve ever seen an earwig, then you have experienced the literal definition of “getting the heebie-jeebies.” These slim brown insects have an intimidating pair of pincers protruding from their posterior, giving them the appearance of a miniature monster from a horror movie rather than a standard garden pest. You might be fighting goose bumps and scrambling for sources on earwig bug control whenever these itty-bitty beasts venture into the light.Earwig | Get Rid of Earwigs | Stinger Pest Control

With such a menacing look, it’s no surprise that there have been myths surrounding these pests for centuries. It was believed in medieval times that earwigs would burrow into your brain while you were sleeping or lodge themselves in your ear, causing disgusting damage in their wake. Medical journals of the time even backed up this claim, warning people against contact with the nocturnal insects. It is even possible that the bugs earned their creepy name from this superstition.

Even in modern times, people are wary of these pinching pests. Many people believe that these bugs will bite or sting upon contact, and when coupled with the adult earwig’s ability to fly, it is easy to see why panic often ensues upon encountering the eerie earwig.

In actuality, earwigs are more of an annoyance to your home than a threat on your life. While these bugs can pinch if provoked, they have no venom for stinging and do not bite in the traditional sense. However, these pests should not be ignored if you find them in your house.

Earwigs are nocturnal and love to hide in corners and crevices, turning even the smallest space into a possible place for protection. They use their slim bodies to burrow into the ground for shelter or warmth, but when they do scuttle out, it’s not just to strike fear into the hearts of the frail –  it is also to make a meal of your outdoor plants.

These insects have been known to snack on the contents of home gardens, particularly dahlias, butterfly bushes, roses, hollyhocks, zinnias, lettuce, strawberries, and potatoes. They are also partial to seedling beans and beets as well as the silk of sweet corn.

They are also attracted to water sources, which can make any moisture problems in your home a target. While they’re inside, they will also look for food sources, which can be a problem if you or your family is prone to leaving the cereal box open.

With their ability to turn any crack into a hiding place, eliminating an earwig infestation can be a very difficult task. While you can do your best to seal any cracks in your home or dry up any standing water source that might call to these pests, it is best to contact a pest control professional to help eradicate this epidemic.

An expert will be able to not only get rid of your earwig problem but also help you plug any holes that earwigs might be burrowing through to get into your house, leaving your home and your family safe from these creepy-crawlies.

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