How Does Your Local Atlanta Pest Control Company Rid Your Yard of Mosquitoes?

Mosquito Control | STINGER Pest SolutionsThere are 300,000 species of mosquitoes in the world today. Of those, 150 reside in North America, creating a strong need for professional mosquito control in Atlanta.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance for homeowners. Plus, most know little about how to rid themselves of the pesky pests other than with the usual slap or flood of bug spray. With the onset of warmer weather around the corner, make your outdoor activities much more enjoyable. Learn how your local Atlanta pest control company rids your yard of mosquitoes.

Planning for Treatment

Understanding a mosquito’s life cycle helps plan for proper treatment. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water like ponds, lakes, and even puddles. Then, larvae hatch from those eggs within 48 hours. After several stages of growth, the larvae then turn into pupas (similar to a butterflies in cocoons). Next, mosquitoes emerge from the pulpal skin as adults. This process lasts around 2 weeks. Once hatched, mosquitoes live in thick, low vegetation such as bushes and tall grasses.

Because the two primary habitats of mosquitoes are standing water and vegetation, your local pest control company will survey your yard for these sources. If possible, draining nearby standing water and trimming tall grasses will help tremendously, as you’ll be removing the mosquitoes’ homes necessary for survival. However, you may not have these options. Plus, mosquitoes can fly for miles and therefore, may remain a problem within your neighborhood. Your local mosquito control professionals will help you determine the next steps for treatment.

Attack Them Where They Live

Since adult mosquitoes live in vegetation, that’s where your pest control company will begin. The professionals will apply the treatment with a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) mister. These are backpack units that technicians carry with them around the yard, which look similar to a backpack blower. The product most commonly used in the mister is pyrethrum, which is a plant derivative from chrysanthemums. The mist is sprayed on vegetation and wood surfaces in a small micron-size droplet. When the mosquitoes navigate to these areas, their numbers are drastically reduced.

 Attack Them Where They Develop

The next line of defense is to treat stagnant water where the mosquito larvae hatch and grow. This is done through the use of larvacide. The larvacide products used today are effective and break down quickly without leaving a residue. They are also safe for pets who might drink the nearby water. Additionally, a lot of larvacide products are beneficial to insects like bees. Pond life like tadpoles and fish are left unaffected. With today’s larvacide products, you can have peace of mind knowing that your mosquito problem has been addressed without negatively affecting other bugs and animals.

Call STINGER Pest Solutions

In the Atlanta area, there are many options when it comes to professional mosquito control. None, however, can tackle your problem quite like STINGER Pest Solutions. With our dual approach of ULV and larvacide treatment, you’ll notice a difference from our trained, experienced professionals right away. Plus, we guarantee your satisfaction!

Imagine spending your next summer enjoying the warm weather in your yard, free of frustrating mosquitoes. At STINGER Pest Solutions, we understand what makes a great pest control company. That’s how we’ve earned our numerous accolades, including QualityPro, the mark of distinction from the Foundation for Professional Pest Management. Give us the chance to show you pest control done right with the customer in mind.  

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