How to Control Ants in Your Buford Home Before the Pros Show Up

There’s no doubt about it, ants are extremely pesky when they find their way into our homes. A few bread crumbs or food left out overnight can spark a savage onslaught of hunting by an entire colony. Your home is their hunting ground and they don’t care who’s inside.How To Control Ants in Your Buford Home Before the Pros Show Up | STINGER Pest Solutions

During the summer, it can be easy for homeowners in the Metro Atlanta area to draw ants in, especially when cookouts and fresh air are so desired. But it’s important if you’re suspecting an ant infestation, to know what to do. Although ant control in Atlanta is difficult to manage, here’s how to control ants in your Buford home until the professional pest control technicians show up:

Seal Off Access to the Inside of Your Home

The first step is simple, seal up any access points from the outside so that ants have no way of continuing to enter your home. Many homes have doors with increasingly large gaps from the floor which allow these ants and other bugs to freely enter. Be aware that windows, doors, and vents may give ants complete access to the inside of your home.

Seal Any Food Products

Leaving food out in your home is the quickest way to attract ants and an even quicker way to lead to an infestation. Even the smallest of bread crumbs left in your sink or trash can be detected by these pesky insects. An ant that finds remnants of food will relay the news of new feeding grounds to its colony, allowing an ant trail to begin. Make sure your pantry and other food storage areas are properly sealed to block scents from escaping. This can reduce the chances of more ants coming inside of your home.

Kill Off the Ant Trail

An ant trail is an obvious sign that a colony knows where your food is in your home and how to get to it. By disrupting the ant trail, many will lose the sense of the food and direction to reach it. Then, the ants will be more likely to exit your home, looking for food elsewhere. By discouraging the ant trail, you’ll turn the insects around, heading home for more direction from the colony leader.

Wait for STINGER Pest Solutions, the Pros!

Each of these tasks can help reduce further chances of ants infesting your home. However, the more permanent solution is to call your local professionals at STINGER Pest Solutions for all of your ant control needs. Follow these steps before they arrive and enjoy the easy transition to an ant-free home.

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