How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Attic 

Squirrel Control | STINGER Pest SolutionsSquirrels are persistent. They don’t give up once they decide to enter your attic. You can’t just scare them away. Sure, people try loud music or bright lights to scare squirrels out, but those methods produce mediocre results. Getting squirrels out of your attic is more like an all-out war. If squirrels are setting up camp in your attic, a call to squirrel control in Atlanta is in order to clear your home of these pests. Read on to discover how tips and tricks to locate and evict squirrels from your home.


Inspection of the perimeter of your house is necessary to discover exactly which holes squirrels are entering through. Sometimes there may only be one hole, other times there may be multiple ones. It is important to locate all holes and seal them off.

Seal Off

Chew holes need to be patched, which means sealing openings such as those between the attic and the rest of your home. It is also imperative to block holes between the attic and your home’s interior. Special repairs need to be done to holes made by squirrels. Since they can chew through wood and drywall, replacing holes with the same material won’t work. Patches must be reinforced with metal mesh or sheet metal. Metal is one of few materials that can truly stop a squirrel.


Once all but one of the holes have been sealed off, it’s important to utilize a trap to capture the squirrels. It is most effective to attach the trap to the hole that you have left open on the outside of the house. This ensures that you trap the squirrels instead of just letting them loose on your property, allowing for effective removal.


Removal means taking the squirrel on a road trip. This road trip should be more than ten miles away as squirrels can find their way “back home” at shorter distances. So why is removal so important? Well, if you allow the squirrel to continue to live on your property, then you will run into the problem of the same squirrel making new holes or trying to get in through patched up ones.

There is another tricky part to squirrel removal. Nests can be often missed while removing adult squirrels. It can be tricky to remove the nest and babies in a safe way. At that point, it is best to call the experts.

Sleep at Night

You don’t have time to deal with pesky pests in your attic and you need them taken away quickly so you can sleep at night. You can’t be worried that a squirrel is going to bust through the ceiling into your living quarters unannounced. STINGER Pest Solutions can clear out your attic of these rodents. It’s what we do best. We will inspect, seal off, trap, and remove squirrels or other problem rodents. It’s the complete approach to pest control that will give lasting results. Squirrels can drive you nuts. STINGER knows how to deal with them.

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