Keep Uninvited Pests Away from Your Pool Party

Blond Mother and Child in Pool | STINGER Pest SolutionsWhen you hear “summer,” you probably think of days by the pool, tanning under the warm rays, and enjoying a refreshing drink. What you avoid thinking about are those uninvited guests, the pesky bugs that show up to your pool parties. They are an unfortunate summer legacy that comes back every year.

Before you call an Atlanta pest control company, remember that keeping those uninvited pests away from your pool is easier than you think.

Water Bugs

You may notice these bugs flying around your pool, but they’re a sign of a larger problem. Water bugs are an indication of an unsanitary pool lacking sanitizing chemicals like chlorine or bromine. Although it’s not harmful to swimmers, no one wants to backstroke through a green, fuzzy film. In addition, algae are water bugs’ main food source.

The best way to rid these pests is to clean your pool because you’re cutting off their sustenance to live. You’ll first need to “shock” the water with chlorine, pour in algaecide, and use your filtration system to assist in mixing the chemicals. Repeat as necessary until all algae are gone.


What would summer be without mosquitoes? It would be fun, and your pool is one of their favorite spots. They use standing or slow moving water as a breeding ground for eggs.

The chemicals in your pool don’t kill them, but they do stunt their growth. While you’re prohibiting their growth, the pool’s filtration should be scooping them up and sending them to the gutter. Remember, they love standing water, so churning water should help keep them at bay. If this isn’t the case, you can take it a step further.

For those who are less active by the pool, purchase a Mosquito Dunks® Donut that releases a pet-friendly, nontoxic larvicide, killing eggs for up to a month. If you’re by the pool daily, purchase a Mosquito Magnet® Trap, which is essentially a vacuum for mosquitoes. It uses a CO2 and a mosquito attractant to trick mosquitoes into getting close to the machine before sucking them up.

Yellow Jackets

These pesky stingers love your food as much as you do. Anything sugary or protein-based attracts them closer to your pool. Make sure that when you eat by the pool, you put it on the table right before you sit down, and put away leftovers as soon as you’re done.

You can build yellow jacket traps out of 2-liter bottles, old meat scraps, and a sugary drink mixture. Once they get enticed enough to get into the bottle, they struggle to escape from the opening, and will eventually drown. For safety (and olfactory) reasons, place these traps far from your pool.

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