Keeping Pets Calm and Safe During Pest Control Services

Atlanta Pest Control Girl and Dog in Living Room | Stinger Pest SolutionsIt’s a bad day when you find out that unwanted vermin have invaded your home. Termites, rats, and roaches are all menaces you want to remove immediately. You call your local Atlanta pest control company and set your appointment, but what can you do to protect your precious pet during the removal? Here are a few easy steps you can take to ensure your pets are safe and calm during your pest control services.

Inform Your Exterminator

The first step to take is simply letting the exterminator know you have pets, and what kind they are. All licensed exterminators go through detailed training to help them navigate pest control situations in homes with animals.

Exterminators often have pet-safe pest control products that they can use in your home. They can also advise you on how to keep your animals safe by covering cages, removing toys and food bowls, and more.

Park Your Pet

If you’ve scheduled treatment for bed bugs or fleas, you’ll need to make special arrangements to keep your pets out of the home. In most other instances, solutions and treatments for household pests are limited to targeted areas.

Pets are naturally curious, and they will seek out new people, sights, and smells in your home. While most pest control techniques are safe to use in homes with animals, you still don’t want them sniffing or pawing at the materials.

Your best bet is to put your pet in a kennel, cage, or a secure room. For example, if your bedroom does not need service, your furry friend could stay there during the appointment. By limiting their exposure to strange sounds and odors, you help them stay calm and feel safe.

Protect Your Sensitive Animals

Some animals are more sensitive to airborne pest control services. Fish tank water can easily become contaminated, and many birds have sensitive respiratory systems that need to be protected.

These problems are easily remedied by covering the cage or tank with a thin blanket. This allows oxygen in, but keeps the sprays out. The cover over these enclosures acts as a sensory barrier to help calm your pet.

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