Mosquito Control in Atlanta

Are you being driven indoors by mosquitoes? STINGER Pest Solutions can help! We offer an integrated approach to reducing mosquito populations around your home or business. STINGER’S mosquito management program systematically reduces all phases of mosquito development and infestation. STINGER provides the following services:


One of our trained, licensed mosquito technicians will conduct a thorough site survey and inspection. Upon completion, a consultation will take place to point out key treatment areas and homeowner responsibilities. Our focus is to eliminate as many breeding sites as possible. Source reduction suggestions are offered.


Mosquito Control AtlantaSTINGER uses ULV cold aerosol misting to reduce the mosquito population in residential areas, recreational locations, parks, golf courses, ball fields, horse stables, and many other areas. Backpack units are most commonly used for residential settings. A residual application is made in and around buildings where mosquitoes like to rest. The ULV mister applies the insecticide in a very small micron size (droplet). A thorough coating is achieved on all plant and wood surfaces. The mosquito population is reduced as they rest on the treated surfaces. The treatment uses only a small amount of product.

The following areas are targeted:

  • Building walls
  • Shrubs, plants, vines, hedges, small ornamental trees, tall grass
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Dark and humid exterior areas
  • Animal housing
  • Fences
  • Under decks and stairs
  • Other exterior areas as encountered


Once existing adult mosquitoes are killed, we treat the breeding sites. We look for areas of standing or stagnant water. Mosquitoes’ larvae only develop in water and they have a rapid life cycle. The interruption of larval development in standing water prevents the growth of more breeding, biting Adults. Water control equals mosquito control! The larvicide products used today are environmentally sensitive. They act upon the mosquito and then degrade quickly without leaving significant residual in the soil, water, or air. All products used have been approved by the E.P.A. and are applied in strict accordance with label guidelines.

STINGER Pest Solutions multi-step approach will help to reduce mosquito populations around your home or business. Our products kill mosquitoes on contact, leave a residual where adults rest, or prevent mosquito larvae from becoming adults. Based upon experience and client feedback, the treatments are generally effective for 21-30 days. The reality is not all mosquitoes encountered on your property originate there. Therefore, an ongoing treatment program is the best option for protecting your home or business so you can continue to enjoy outdoor activities. Once treated, the results are noticeable right away. Give us a call! We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.