Are You Prepared for These October Pests?

Atlanta Pest Control Caulking Sealant | STINGER Pest SolutionsFall is a time for football, family, and holidays. With the season just around the corner, its important to prepare for new group of pests that weren’t as active in the summer. If you see mice, rats, squirrels, spiders, or stink bugs creeping around your home, you may want to give an Atlanta pest control company a call. 


As a result of the dropping temperatures, mice want your home to be their new residence. They will be looking for a place for warmth, water, and food. It is important to get rid of mice as soon as they’re spotted because they multiply quickly.  

To prevent these uninvited guests, seal all cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps larger than a pen cap. Their tiny bodies can fit into just a ¼ inch opening, so you must make sure everything is closed tightly. Do not use wood to seal the holes since these rodents are capable of chewing through wooden surfaces.  

Cleanliness is a big factor that can deter mice infestations, so wash your dishes right away, store food in containers with tight lids, and sweep up any crumbs. A dirty environment is an open invitation to these rodents. 


Rats, like mice, harvest on your leftovers or dropped crumbs, so cleanliness is key. Rats are highly dangerous because they carry and transmit a number of serious diseases.  

A rat infestation can contaminate your food, lead to structural damage of your home, and health risks. The most obvious signs of a rat infestation are presence of dead or living rats, droppings, and dirt or grease marks on walls and floorboards.  


As cute as they look eating nuts under a tree, squirrels carry diseases. Their droppings are harmful to not only humans, but household pets as well.  

The two most common types in Georgia are gray squirrels and flying squirrels. Gray squirrels leave gnaw damage around your home. The more dangerous squirrel is the flying squirrel. You will often hear them in your attic at night. Flying squirrels constantly chew and gnaw on structures that can potentially damage your home.  


Did you know that the humid climate of Atlanta is an ideal environment for spiders? Once they’ve formed webs in your home, they multiply quickly. 

Spiders like cold, dark, and damp basements and air vents. They typically enter homes in search of prey. They get in homes through poorly sealed doors and windows. Kill spiders as soon as they’re spotted to prevent reproduction.  

Stink Bugs 

You guessed it! Stink bugs get their name from the awful odor they give off when they are threatened. It is believed that this odor helps protect them against predators. It is most common to see a stink bug on the walls and windows inside your home, searching for a way out.  

As summer comes to an end, stink bugs will begin searching for a cozy indoor crawl space to make it through winter. Their small body allows them to be able to enter the house through cracks. Seal off all possible entryways to have the best chance of keeping them out.   

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