Preparing Your Home for Pests During the Atlanta Winter

Mouse In A Home | STINGER Pest SolutionsBugs don’t go away during the winter — they just hide. Cold weather sends them scurrying for warmth, shelter, and moisture. If you don’t adequately prepare, your home could become the place for their warm winter getaway. You can hire an Atlanta pest control company to eliminate infestations, but a little preparation goes a long way. Use these tips to make this winter a pest-free one in your home.

Don’t Provide a Home Close to Your House

The winter is a great time for sitting by the fireplace and being cozy, but pests also get cozy living by your house before deciding to come in. You need to keep a distance between the house and possible places that pests could live. Store wood for that relaxing fire outside and away from your house. Avoid bringing it in until just before you are ready to burn it as bugs love to hitchhike in with it. Leaves that collect against the house or on the roof harbor bugs as well, so remove them regularly. Shrubs and other forms of vegetation shouldn’t be directly against your house because they provide refuge for rodents and insects looking for warmth and hiding from predators.

Block All Access Points

You’d be surprised at how small a hole pests can get through. For instance, rats can get through a half an inch hole and a mouse can enter into a quarter inch hole. For other pests like roaches or ants, just a tiny crack can allow entry. It is important to seal these up with caulk or spackling. Larger holes might require hardware cloth and concrete. On the roof of the house, look for holes around the chimney, cover, and attic vents. Note any areas where water pipes come into the house that need to be sealed. Bugs love to travel along pipes because of the moisture.

Lastly, trim any vegetation that touches the house, since it provides a super highway for everything from squirrels to ants to climb onto your house. There should be at least 6 feet of space between vegetation and the house.

Keep the Indoors Undesirable

Pests love food, and if you leave it out for them, they will take advantage of it. Take a tour of your kitchen from a pest’s perspective. Cruise along the counters to make sure they are free of food. Are there some tasty morsels left on the floor that would be a pest magnet? Now take a look at the sink. Putting off those dirty dishes makes a buffet for pests. Lingering food outside the fridge might get pillaged by pests, so it should be sealed. While you are at it, don’t leave material around such as paper and cardboard, which pests love to turn into home furnishings. You’ll be happy to know with these changes, you aren’t encouraging the pest invasion with free food and lodging.

A Solid Pest Solution

By sealing it off your house and discouraging pests from living close to it, you can prevent pests from entering your home. Even when you’ve done your best to prevent pests they still may find their way in. When this happens, call STINGER Pest Control Solutions. We can take care of wide range of pests in or around your home, including rodents, ants, termites, and mosquitoes. We make sure treatments are safe for your family and pets.

Choose STINGER Pest Solutions 

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