Reasons Mice and Rats Can Pose Health Hazards to Your Kids 

Mice and Rats | STINGER Pest SolutionsWhat is the first clue that you have a rodent in your house? It might be a hole in the bag of chips, droppings in the attic, or rustling at night coming from the kitchen or from the walls of your house. Mice and rats are more than just a nuisance — they carry diseases, and can pose significant health hazards to you kids. At first sign of rodents, it’s best to call rodent control in Atlanta. Take a look at these reasons rats and mice are hazardous to your kid’s health.

Dangerous Diseases

Rats and mice carry bacteria, disease, parasites, and viruses. As many as 35 diseases are spread worldwide by rats and mice, ranging from Rat Bite Fever to Salmonellosis. In fact, 15,000 rat bites, on average, are reported in the U.S. each year. The diseases rats and mice carry aren’t only spread by bites but through their urine and droppings. Much like dogs, rats and mice mark their territories with urine. Any plate or surface your kids eat off and toys that they play with are susceptible to these rodent-borne diseases. These diseases cause a variety of symptoms, ranging from flu-like to rashes or diarrhea.

Multiplication: 1+1= 60

One mouse can leave 9,000 droppings per year. That’s a lot of disease-ridden droppings. Two mice can have 60 babies in just one year. That’s 10 litters of six mice each year from just two mice! Mice stay well hidden in the walls and attic of your house. If you see one, the chance that you have an infestation is pretty high, as one mouse is usually the just the tip of the iceberg.

Physical Dangers


Let’s get back to the fact that one mouse can lay down 9,000 droppings a year. 60 mice can then lay 540,000 droppings in the same span. Rodent urine and droppings can trigger allergies in many homes. Many kids already deal with allergies. Unfortunately, mice contribute to the severity of these allergies. So, even if you don’t see any mice, it’s best to have your house checked as a preemptive measure.


People go to great lengths to protect their children from a fire, putting smoke detectors in each room and making sure pajamas are flame retardant. However, it is estimated that up to 25 percent of house fires are caused by wires that are exposed by rodents. Mice and rats eat right through everything in your house, like wallboard, cardboard, wood, and even electrical wires. By taking care of these rodents, you are keeping your kids safer.

Keep Your Family Safe

The health of your family is important to STINGER Pest Control Solutions. With STINGER, you get the complete line of services. It starts with inspection, then moves on to trapping, ending with deceased rodent removal and odor control. STINGER will identify the entry point of the rodent and repair the hole to prevent mice and rats from entering again, as well as eliminating all reasonable entry and exit points. STINGER wants you to sleep well at night, knowing your home and kids are safe.

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