Spring Pest Prevention Checklist

Ants Crawling on Wood Surface | STINGER Pest SolutionsSpring is in the air, bringing blooming flowers, warmer temperatures, a new life everywhere you look. Unfortunately, some of that new life includes unwanted pests and insects that are on the move and looking to make your house their new home. Fortunately, with some preventative efforts, you can keep the spring pest population at bay. As you prepare for spring cleaning, incorporate this checklist of pest-preventing tips. Otherwise, you may find a gorgeous spring day ruined by an unwanted infestation, leaving you no choice but to call an Atlanta pest control company to battle a full-blown pest invasion.

Seal It Up

Pests can find even the tiniest entry points to invade your home, so it’s important to identify cracks and crevices on the inside and outside of your house. In addition to cracks in the walls and foundation, be sure to examine all of your pipes and utility areas. Seal off potential entry points with a silicone-based caulk to keep unwanted visitors from squeezing through tiny spaces.

Screen for Pests

Check your window and door screens for tears, rips, and holes, which act as an entry way for pests. Be sure to replace damaged screens before opening doors and windows on a warm spring day.

Clean It Up to Keep Them Out

Pests enter your home seeking two main things — food and shelter. Be sure to remove any trace of food crumbs by cleaning around the fridge, dishwasher, and stove, as well as scrubbing down the kitchen counters and baseboards.

Tackle the Pantry

Not being smart about storing food in the pantry could create an all-you-can-eat buffet for pests. Once a food product has been opened, it should be stored in a sealable container and never on the floor.

Be Smart About Trash and Recycling

Before you toss that soda can or empty spaghetti sauce jar in the recycling bin, be sure to rinse it out first. Otherwise, you’re likely to find the bin swarming with ants. Make sure your trash can has a tight-fitting lid to keep pests out.

A Pest-Free Yard Supports a Pest-Free Home

Outdoor spring cleaning goes a long way for pest prevention. Trim back shrubs and tree branches that could create a bridge to your home. Remove any standing water you see, which is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Use landscaping that naturally repels bugs, such as cedar and cypress mulch.

Despite your best efforts, pests can sometimes invade even the cleanest homes. STINGER Pest Solutions can help you identify hiding spots in your home where pests can live and reproduce. The treatments we use to keep pests away are safe and more effective than over-the-counter treatments.

Choose STINGER Pest Solutions 

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