STINGER Pest Solutions, is proud to introduce a Natural Pest Control Solution for the Atlanta Metro Area. The technology used for Natural Pest Control Atlanta is derived from natural plant oils. These essential oils have been used by plants and trees for centuries as protection against insects.

Our service program features products from EcoSMART. These products’ active plant oil ingredients target and block a key neurotransmitter receptor site called octopamine, which is found only in invertebrates ( i. e. insects). Mammals do not have receptors for octopamine, so our Atlanta Organic Pest Control Products have no adverse effect on them.

STINGER EcoGreen’s Natural Pest management Process consists of these steps:

Inspection- We identify situations which create moisture, food and shelter for insects. STINGER Pest Solutions will use or suggest non-chemical methods to block these elements which pests need to survive. We will communicate the results of our inspection with our MULTI-POINT inspection report.

Evaluate- Based on the inspection results STINGER Pest Solutions will determine what maintenance and/or sanitation opportunities exist. Also, which products should be used for your Atlanta Natural Pest Control Program.

Implementation- Implement a Natural Program which incorporates both non-chemical methods and organic products to correct pest issues and prevent further infestations.
STINGER EcoGreen is great for schools, medical offices, veterinary clinics and any setting in which pests can exist.

EcoSMART’s products provide a quick knockdown and control against a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pests.