Atlanta Termite Treatment

Ranking second in termite activity in the nation, Georgia homeowners can suffer from thousands of dollars in termite damage annually. North Georgia contends primarily with subterranean termites, which live beneath the ground and enter homes through openings in the foundation. Pests infestation can cause serious damage to a structure, often without the homeowner realizing there is a problem until it is almost too late. atlanta-termite-control

Experts recommend that your home or business be inspected by a trained professional should you suspect any damage from termite infestation. Though locating and eliminating the primary nest of termites is a difficult task, STINGER Pest Solutions is up to the challenge. Call today and our highly qualified exterminators will give you a FREE Termite Inspection and Estimate!


STINGER Pest Solutions is your Atlanta termite company! We specialize in termite control, using only the highest quality pest-control products from such top names as Termidor, Bayer and Whitmire Advance.

Our expert pest control specialists will spray a conventional liquid termite barrier treatment along with installing a termite monitoring and baiting system. While some companies might call that a day, STINGER Pest Solutions doesn’t stop there.

We also protect your home with a dry foam and gel to treat wall voids and other structures. Your STINGER Professional will only use the best system for your home and even offers a FREE inspection!


STINGER Pest Solutions only wants the best for your home, which is why our experts use Termidor, America’s first 100% termite solution.

To install this treatment, your STINGER Pest Professional will create a small trench around your home and apply the termiticide into the area. Our expert will also spray into small holes drilled into such vulnerable areas as the basement, garage, patios and porches to ensure a fortified barrier is in place to rid your home of termites. This non-repellent termite barrier by Termidor consistently produces 100% effective results.

These amazing results come from Termidor’s fool-proof system, which has undergone meticulous testing by US and foreign researchers. Once a termite has come into contact with any material treated with Termidor, that termite becomes a “carrier.” The carrier returns to the nest and infects the rest of the colony, effectively wiping out the infestation from the inside.

Termidor works slowly on the individual insect so that the carrier termite can encounter as many pests as possible to ensure the nest is wiped out. Even though this “transfer effect” might seem slow, the colony termination is quick and efficient.

To ensure that you fully understand the pest elimination process, your STINGER Pest professional will provide you with a detailed diagram of the barrier placed around your home or business and thoroughly explain the treatment supplies and techniques used. You can check out our Question and Answer section for more information!


Your STINGER Professional will only use the top pest control products on your home, which is why STINGER Pest Solutions is an Authorized Operator of Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. Sentricon is the top brand in termite protection with their Always Active technology and offers effective colony elimination that is proven to work while still being environmentally safe.

The Sentricon Always Active technology is so effective due to their patented Recruit® HD termite bait. This system uses a termite’s biology and behavior against them to spread the bait, destroying the entire colony but not the earth around it.

Sentricon is designed to prevent environmental exposure and has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is a green product. With over 30 independent university studies and 45 published scientific articles on the system, Sentricon has not only been shown to be effective in eliminating termite infestation, but also can be removed from the site if desired.

The Sentricon System has been recognized as an outstanding product by multiple reputable sources. It was the first product to be registered by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency that follows the strict requirements of the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. The Sentricon System is also the only termite control product to ever receive one of the top environmental awards that the Federal Government can give, the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, which means you can feel secure knowing that your pest problem has been eliminated without a threat to your home or family.
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STINGER Pest Solutions is a company that keeps its word, so we not only promise to eliminate your termite infestation using quality treatments applied by industry professionals – we guarantee it! Our pest elimination experts are there for you even after your treatment is done and offer you two different types of termite treatment guarantees to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience.

Our “retreat only” agreement means that if your termites return, STINGER is here for you. Should you find evidence of termites after our pest professionals have treated your home or business, our experts will go over the respective area again. If our professionals find termites during your inspection, STINGER Pest Solutions will treat the affected area again as per the terms and conditions of the initial job.

Our “repair damage” guarantee offers you even more protection against these pests! Should termites invade your home or business again while your Termite Warranty is in effect and cause any damage, our pest professionals will be there for you. Our STINGER experts will not only retreat the area per the terms and conditions of the contract, but will also ensure that the damage is repaired and will be responsible for providing any necessary follow-up treatment to help ensure that your pest problem is in the past.


atlanta-termite-servicesIf you’re selling your house, STINGER Pest Solutions is here for you! We take care of your real estate inspection needs promptly and efficiently and are authorized to issue verified Wood Infestation Reports to assure your potential buyers that the home is termite-free.

This “termite letter” guarantees that our pest professionals have thoroughly inspected the interior and exterior of the structure for such issues as wood-destroying fungus, termites, wood-boring beetles, powder post beetles and moisture damage that could lead to structural integrity issues or mold. Once your home passes inspection, STINGER Pest Solutions will provide you with verified paperwork to help you close your home quickly.

Should we find any issues in this inspection, STINGER Pest Solutions will provide a detailed report not only outlining the problem areas, but also a written plan that will advise you on how to take care of the complications. We also include a competitive bid to help you handle the clean-up quickly, so you can move forward with your closing.


STINGER Pest Solutions is there for you at every stage of home ownership, even before the home is built. We know that the best time to treat for termites is before the foundation is poured, which is why we offer pre-treatment services for residential construction projects. Termite pre-treatments are inexpensive, highly effective and an excellent investment to ensure that your home stands for years to come.