The Latest Technologies Used in Mosquito Control in Atlanta

Mosquito Control Technology | STINGER Pest SolutionsMosquitoes often make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors in Atlanta. Not only are they annoying, but they can also transmit diseases like West Nile and Zika viruses. The solution for some is to hide indoors. But the good news is that the latest technologies used for mosquito control in Atlanta can turn your outdoor nightmare into a summer dream.

These technologies are best used in tandem with the removal of potential breeding grounds.

Ridding of Mosquitoes’ Homes

Adult mosquitoes live in vegetation where sprays are an effective method to prevent them. Space sprays contain synergized pyrethrum or synthetic prethroids, which take out mosquitoes immediately. These are applied with a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) mister. Spraying bushes, tall grass and lower limbs of trees prevent adult mosquitoes from sheltering in them because this disrupts their breeding cycles. To further eliminate, you’ll want to trim low vegetation to make your yard less desirable for mosquitoes. If they don’t have a home, they’ll be less likely to come back.

Ridding of Mosquitoes’ Breeding Grounds

Standing water breeds mosquito larvae. It is the only place they develop. Larvacide can be used to clear water sources of larvae. The larvacides used today are sensitive to the environment and degrade quickly. However, these should only be used on water sources that are non-drainable.  As much as possible standing water should be kept to a minimum. Reducing standing water helps tremendously. Gutters improperly installed can hold water and should be fixed.  Animal water bowls, bird baths, and pool covers should be cleaned out regularly.

Trapping Mosquitoes

Traps can be used for mosquitoes. However, the effectiveness of mosquito traps is debated. Mosquito traps range from models with lights that electrocute the insects to those that mimic potential hosts by emitting carbon dioxide as an attraction. Because effectiveness of mosquito traps varies, thoroughly research before purchasing.

 How STINGER Eliminates Mosquitoes

At STINGER Pest Solutions, we use both ULV and Larvacide treatments. These effective methods are approved by the E.P.A. and are applied in strict accordance with label guidelines. Our mosquito treatment will last for 21-30 days and once treated, the results are noticeable right away. We offer ongoing treatment programs to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor activities all season long and one-time treatments for parties, special events, etc.

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