There’s a New Tick-Borne Illness in Town, What You Need to Know

Atlanta Pest Control Tick on Human Skin | STINGER Pest SolutionsTick-borne illness occurrences are rising across the nation. The risk of disease has been limited to certain areas in the past, but now, it is spreading rapidly through all regions of the country.  

With no current cure, there is a new virus called the Powassan virus that is considered to be a deadlier version of Lyme disease.  

Their small sizes and the harsh chemicals used to kill them makes it difficult for Atlanta pest control professionals to attack ticks on a large scale. It sounds simple enough to go out and treat large outdoor areas, but doing so is environmentally hazardous.  

Protect yourself and your family by knowing the risk of tick-borne illness, how to prevent tick bites, and what do to if you come in contact with these pesky bugs.  

Tick Bites on the Rise 

It is an exceptionally difficult time to avoid getting bitten by a tick. The Center for Disease Control states this year could be worse than average due to an exceptionally high number of tick bites reported already. They assume that this is a result of a warm winter allowing more tick-bearing animals to survive than usual.  

The CDC reports that there could be as many as 300,000 viruses each year caused by ticks. It will be crucial during the following warmer months to take every precaution you can to avoid getting bit. 

Prevention is the Best Medicine 

By taking advantage of some simple methods of protection, you can greatly increase your chances of not having to worry about the cureless Powassan virus, as well as any other tick-based ailments. Avoid areas where ticks like to take refuge like heavy brush or unkempt grass.  

When buying bug repellant, look for brands containing picaridin, a chemical that is exceptionally effective against these tiny parasites. When you’re outside, cover yourself as much as possible. Wear pants and a long-sleeve shirt to protect your bare skin from the dangers of being bit. 

You’ve Spotted a Tick 

Sometimes, prevention isn’t always enough to keep ticks at bay. If you do spot one on you, there is no reason to panic so long as you follow the proper steps.  

Remove the entire tick with a small set of tweezers. Pay careful attention during removal that the tick’s small head comes out with the body. After removal, store the tick body in case you get sick later. Analyzing the specimen can expedite the process of discovering what the cause of a particular ailment may be.  

The Powassan virus is relatively new, but it is linked to the swelling of the brain. This can cause fatigue, vomiting, and a fever. Call a doctor immediately if you experience any of the symptoms after a bite. 
There is no reason to let ticks ruin your outdoor adventures during the coming months. Be aware of how common ticks are, how to prevent bites, and what to do when a bite happens, and enjoy the outdoors without worry.  

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