How To Get Rid of Chiggers in Atlanta

 Tips to Get Rid of Chiggers | Stinger Pest SolutionsSummer time in Atlanta is full of adventures through open fields, thick forests and all of the places in-between. From playing frisbee at Piedmont Park to hiking through the backwoods of the Atlanta metro, with the relaxing memories you bring back with you, you could be bringing back some painful ones. Chiggers can leave you struggling in pain this summer if don’t properly avoid them as well as protect yourself from their bites.

Before calling a pest control company in Atlanta, here’s what you need to know about chiggers and how to get rid of them:

What are Chiggers?

First off, what are chiggers? Answering this questions gives you a better understanding of where they come from and what havoc they can wreak on you once you come in contact with them. They’re found throughout the world and live mostly in forests, grassy fields, gardens, parks, and areas near lakes and rivers.

chiggers are a smaller form of a type of mite, closely related to arachnids (spiders and ticks). If that doesn’t make your skin crawl, then what they do will. chiggers are barely visible to the naked eye but only if you look very closely. These mites infest human skin around areas that make contact with grass or plants like pant cuffs, shirt sleeves or collars.

These creatures first start by inserting their feeding tubes into your skin, injecting enzymes that break down your skin tissue. These enzymes harden the skin causing redness and irritation but underneath, Chigger larvae feed upon your broken down tissue.

What are the Symptoms?

Once those chiggers and their larvae settle underneath your skin, extreme itching will immediately follow as well as redness in the surrounding area around the bite. You’ll notice these bites around certain areas most often including areas of wrinkles, folds or other areas that skin is thin. Most of these bites occur around ankles, the crotch and groin areas, behind your knees, or in the armpit region.

Most bites occur under clothing where there’s an increased amount of moisture and humidity. Outside of extreme itchiness and redness, other symptoms include skin lesions and/or blisters or pustules.

What is the Treatment?

Many of the remedies for chiggers can be found at home in your medicine cabinet although many patients suffering from Chigger bites have gone to doctors to get stronger antibiotics to relieve itching and reduce swelling.

Many believe that chiggers burrow underneath the skin which is incorrect. Home remedies like nail polish, alcohol and bleach don’t work in killing these creatures so focusing on itching and inflammation is key. Using Calamine lotion or corticosteroid creams may control itching and Benadryl may be used for symptom relief.

Keep Chiggers Away

The ultimate treatment is prevention. By using bug spray or any type of disinfectant, you’re preventing these mites from attacking your skin. During the summer, avoid places with heavy growth if you don’t have any bug spray or disinfectant to put on your legs, etc.

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