Watch Out for These Two Invasive Pests This Fall

Atlanta Pest Control Kudzu Bug | STINGER Pest SolutionsBugs almost always seem to multiply in early fall, especially when they crawl indoors seeking warmth, water, and food. Living in the South, you may have noticed that you are never truly home alone anymore.  

The following two pests in particular love to cling to your window screens, creep up your walls, and hide on your front porch lights. To stay in front of a bug infestation, call a local Atlanta pest control service to treat your home before it’s too late.  

Kudzu Bugs 

Kudzu bugs have red eyes, a green or brown body, and spots on their wings. They give off a very distinct odor and are roughly one-quarter inch in size. Kudzu bugs are native to Asia, and were discovered for the first time in Georgia in October 2009.  

The phrase “you are what you eat” applies to how kudzu bugs got their name. They feed on kudzu as well as other legumes, including soybeans. The bugs like to fly to light-colored surfaces like buildings and automobiles.  

Kudzu bugs travel in swarms, bringing hundreds of bugs to your home. Be careful to not just mindlessly squash them — doing so emits an unpleasant odor and will stain whatever surface they were on.   

Brown-Marmorated Stink Bugs  

Brown-marmorated stink bugs are brown and about five-eighths of an inch in size. As the stink bugs reach adulthood, they grow distinctive, white-banded antennae. The first report of this particular species was sighted in 1996 in Pennsylvania. However, they did not make their way down to Georgia until 2010.   

These pests pose as an important agricultural nuisance to fruit and row crops, as well as vegetables. Your home is the perfect habitat for them as they search for warmth during the winter months. Any produce left out is a buffet for these bugs, and they can be difficult to remove once they’re in your home.  

Ways to Get Rid of These Pesky Bugs  

  • Seal all cracks wider than 1/8 inch.  
  • Spray all potential entry points with residual spray.  
  • Re-apply insecticide treatments as label states. 
  • Keep doors closed at all times.  
  • Check all window screens for any slits.  
  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.  
  • Keep outdoor lighting to a minimum.  

If the bugs do find a way into your home, the best solution is to vacuum them. If bugs die inside, immediately get rid of their bodies. If you don’t, you run the risk of other insects entering your home and eating them for dinner. 

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