Ways Squirrels Pose a Threat to Your Pets

Squirrel Control Atlanta | STINGER Pest SolutionsAtlanta is a vibrant city, made unique by its many trees. Trees in Atlanta don’t just fill woods and parks, but also cover the landscape of many neighborhoods from the suburbs to the heart of the city. These trees create a large habitat for squirrels. In these habitats, squirrels abound. Your neighborhood may have so many squirrels that you are thinking of hiring squirrel control in Atlanta.

Cats and Dogs Invite the Threat

Cats and dogs chase squirrels for entertainment. Squirrels are feisty and will fight back. Often, your pets will get injured in these scuffles by squirrel scratches and bites. These battle wounds are very painful, but if all that ended up happening was a trip to the vet, it wouldn’t really be that bad. The truth is that in tangling with a squirrel, your pets can come away with deadly diseases that squirrels carry.


Squirrels can carry rabies. According to a 2014 report, Georgia ranks as one of the top states in the nation for reports of rabid animals. Often, animals can carry rabies without even showing signs that are exhibited in the latter stages of rabies. Unvaccinated dogs and cats exposed to a rabid animal have to be euthanized immediately.  Therefore, rabies vaccinations are important for your pets.

Leptospirosis Disease

Another disease that squirrels carry is Leptospirosis. There are eight strains of this disease that can affect dogs. Only two of them are prevented by a vaccine. This disease comes from dogs licking diseased squirrel urine that has ended up in outdoor watering bowls or grass. The initial symptoms are pretty normal, including fever, depression, dehydration, and refusing to eat. The problem lies in the fact that the disease goes on to invade kidneys and liver, which poses many other problems if those organs fail.

Lyme Disease

Not just a human disease, Lyme Disease can be transmitted from squirrels to dogs by ticks if a tick bites a squirrel and its next host is a dog. If you have long grass that your dog wanders through, then there is a greater chance of ticks alighting on them. Once infected with Lyme’s Disease, dogs can get swollen joints and chronic arthritis from Lyme, as well as bouts of fever and loss of appetite.

Reduce Squirrel Populations with Stinger

If your yard is overrun by squirrels, you can help keep your beloved pets safe from any diseases that they might carry by reducing the populations through trapping. STINGER Pest Solutions has experience in ridding your yard of these rodents. Besides keeping your pets safe, reducing squirrel populations will help decrease chances of squirrels gnawing through your house to set up house in your attic. No matter what level of rodent invasion you have on your property, rest assured that if you get STINGER on the job, your problem will be solved.

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