What Areas of Your Home are Ants Attracted to the Most?

When you’ve got ants, you don’t want them. Ants can quickly cause a problem that’s not only harmful to you, but also your property. That’s why you should consider ant control in Atlanta quickly, before the damage begins.

What Areas of Your Home are Ants Attracted to the Most? | STINGER Pest SolutionsCarpenter ants will destroy wood where they live and if the infestation is left alone, that nest of ants will become a colony that wreaks havoc on your property. It’s more than having a cluster of ants in your home. The wood and material where the ants nest is desiccated and may need to be repaired or replaced.

Because ants prefer soft wood, the places they are most likely to be attracted are locations where other insects or animals have already been or places that are moist or decayed. These may be within walls, doors, around windows or paneling. It can also be in timber beams and joists.

How Do You Know if the Area is Infested?

An infestation is not a foregone conclusion when you see ants. That is because ants will forage at long distance from their nest, which may be away from your house. However, there are telltale signs. This includes finding piles of wood shavings, as carpenter ants burrow into wood and create dens in their nests. If you see winged ants that emerge from holes, cracks or areas inside the house, then you likely have an infestation hidden underneath.

In fact, you can even hear the ants working, eating away at the timber in your home… It sounds like a faint rustling.

To be fair, ants do not eat wood. Wood eating is the big difference between ants and termites, which do ingest it. This makes termites more damaging to a home than carpenter ants. However, when a carpenter ant infestation is left to grow over a long period of time, the effect can be just as problematic and destructive.

How to Control the Ants

If you’ve already found a trail of ants, you can wipe them away and then try vinegar, sprayed near the corners and cracks where you think the ants are emerging. This will eliminate their phenome trail and may stop other ants from following it to whatever goodies their leaders were after.

Boric acid is an old remedy that can be shaken around the same areas where you find the ants. It is a powder that sticks to the legs of ants, which they ingest. You can also create a sweet compound of boric acid that attracts the ants and leads them to it faster.

How to Solve Major Ant Trouble

If you want to be sure that you’re getting rid of the ants in your home, it’s best to call a professional ant control company that can help you assess that all of the ants in the nearby colony are dead. Because the danger to your home is inside the walls, it’s important to be certain the invaders are in fact dispatched.

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