What Do Bugs Do For The Winter?

Summer is over, so one would assume that bugs would not be a problem during the winter as they are more active during the summer months. However, this is not the case. Contrary to popular opinion, winter drives insects indoors for shelter, heat, and food. This creates bug problems for your home throughout the year rather than just one or two seasons.

Different bugs find different ways to deal with the cold. Here are a few ways that bugs cope with the chilly weather:

Bugs Hibernating | Bugs During Winter | Stinger Hibernate

Insects are ectotherms, meaning that their body temperature changes to match the temperature of their surroundings and that they cannot produce body heat. This means that extreme temperatures affect insects and their living arrangements over the summer and winter months. In the case of winter, insects like ants are not able to keep themselves warm so they have to find alternative ways of staying toasty and hibernate all winter to conserve energy. Especially in Atlanta, the freeze danger doesn’t necessarily lie with the cold itself, but rather frost and ice developing inside the insect. As a result, insects must find a place to rest and hibernate until warmer weather returns, which may increase the need for ant control in warmer areas.


Some insects, like certain species of butterfly, move to different areas in the world to avoid the cold weather. Others simply take refuge in your home, business or other cozy havens to rest. Houses and other buildings offer a level of protection that allows the insects to stay warm while providing other basic essentials that they may need to survive.

Spider In Cold Weather | Bugs During Winter | StingerHang Out On the West Side

In the coldest winter months, many insects value any heat source they can find. Many insects tend to go toward the west side of your home or building so they can be closer to the sun and use the sun’s heat to keep them warm. Even on cold days, the sun can generate enough heat to prevent freezing.

Hide and Multiply

Insects | Atlanta Pest Control | StingerSince many homeowners don’t think about bugs being active during the winter, they typically stop any pest control solutions that may have been implemented during the summer. However, many insects still live their lives during the winter, hidden away from the human world. Many bugs may hibernate or stay dormant during the winter months, while others will maintain their reproduction schedule. This schedule, while sometimes interrupted in the summer months because of the use of pesticides and bug traps, allows the insect infestation to keep significantly growing. When spring and summer arrive, the population grows to the point where it finally becomes noticeable and wreaks havoc in your home.

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