Where Do Mosquitoes Go During the Day and Night?

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Mosquitoes are mysterious insects. It seems like they are just waiting to pounce whenever you go outside. Knowing their behavior during the course of the day and night will help you in your effort for mosquito control in Atlanta. Because mosquitoes have their own preferred outdoor areas, outsmarting them will help you reduce the potential for painful bites during certain times of the day.

Feeding Around the Clock

It’s hard to put mosquitoes in a box when it comes to feeding times. Some mosquitoes are nocturnal and only come out at night, while others buzz around in the morning and evening. Though it can feel like there’s no relief from the pesky insects, there actually is a time of day when mosquitoes won’t bite. This time is during the middle of the day when the sun is hottest. Mosquitoes need moisture to survive; therefore, the sweltering hot sun is their demise. They experience dehydration that ultimately kills them.

Daytime Hiding

During the hottest part of the day, you’ll find mosquitoes tucked into their favorite hiding spots. These spots are damp dark places like culverts, bushes, barns, trees or bushes. That’s why you can have fun in the sun when mosquitoes are taking a breather in the shade. Later in the afternoon, though, get ready to start swatting again as they come out of hiding.

Nighttime Haunts

Mosquitoes have a body clock just like we do. And for a daytime mosquito, bedtime means finding a damp place to hang out for the night. Mosquitoes sleep standing up – in the same position that they bite you. At this point, the nocturnal mosquitoes come out. They have been hiding in dark places all day. These mosquitoes are the ones that you hear buzzing around your head at night if they have been let into your house. They’ll even hang out in closets during the day to reappear at night.

Relief from Mosquito Attacks

Essentially, you are not ever truly free of mosquitoes, unless you want to hang out on your back porch during the heat of the day. And since no one enjoys the brutal afternoon sun, Stinger pest control is here for you. We use a ULV cold aerosol misting to reduce mosquito populations in residential and commercial areas. This treatment is safe and uses micron-sized droplets on plant and wood surfaces to reduce the mosquito population. Stinger also puts larvacide to prevent larval development in stagnant water areas like decorative ponds. Living mosquito free isn’t just a dream. Make it a reality with Stinger’s treatments that are effective for 21-30 days.

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