How Winter Pest Control Tips Prevent Spring Problems

Atlanta Pest Control Trashcan Outside | STINGER Pest ControlIf you want to prevent pest issues in the future, especially in the spring time, you may consider upkeep during the winter. Because warmer months bring more pests, winter is a great time to prepare for the next season. Before you call an Atlanta pest control service, consider the following tips to prevent bugs from infesting your home.  

Close Food in Containers 

Putting all food items in hard plastic containers will keep overwintering pests from become active. Hard plastic containers should be sealed tight to prevent infestation of food supply.  

During the winter time, bugs hunt and eat less food, conserving energy. However, if they do find some, it is more advantageous for them to survive.  

Homeowners need to put all food in closed containers, and avoid leaving food out anywhere in the house that easily accessible by bugs. They’ll find a way to get to it, and they may bring their friends and family to join the feast!  

Don’t Leave Trash Uncovered 

Your trash is the perfect home for bugs. It is ideal place for them to harvest on old, half-eaten food and to multiply.  

Be sure that the trash is fully enclosed to prevent pests from coming in. If you want to take the extra step, don’t purchase a trash can with a sliding top. Sliding top trash cans are constantly exposing potential meals for bugs since they’re not tightly sealed. This gives pests an entrance into the piles of food and other trash.  

Keep Things Clean 

Cleanliness is the most important factor when it comes to pest control. The best place for pests to live, breed, and multiply is a dirty surface. Frequent washing, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming can be the easiest form of prevention.  

Crumbs on the floor will create a feast for ants and stink bugs. Dirty sheets invite bed bugs and other tiny pests to live in your bedroom. Dusty corners and ceiling fans are excellent places for spiders to make their home.  Each of these areas need a little TLC to avoid a later infestation. 

For your countertops and tables, wipe them down with antibacterial sprays or wipes. Spills and sticky areas with residue will cause bugs hiding in the basement or attic to come to those areas of the house.  

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